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growing a sustainable business

a ten week masterclass for natural health and wellness business owners

After seventeen years both founding and advising ventures within the natural health and wellness market we have developed a clear and effective pathway for growing a sustainable business.

Through a combination of action learning, provision of service and engagement with key industry partners, wellnessconnect has touched the lives of thousands of health and wellness business owners.

In service to creating a marketplace of better-informed and prepared entrepreneurs, we have developed a core protocol that, if followed, we are willing to guarantee the result of.

In short, it is our experience that effective education, coupled with a compelling digital presence, are the keystones of success in this market.

wellnessconnect provides you with the education you need to develop a successful business, along with the tools required to build and maintain a consistent, engaged and committed client base.

who is it for?

This program is suitable for anyone running a venture (for-profit or non-profit) in the natural health and wellness sector .... and we do mean anyone. Regardless of whether you are already successful but wanting more, barely out of college or somewhere in between, the process we take you through is rational, sequential and proven. If you require more specific advice upon completing this process, we are available to assist with that as well.

i've already done a lot of this work; can i only do the relevant classes? 

In our experience, it's exceedingly rare for a venture in this market - especially a smaller one - to have taken the necessary time to ensure that all of their materials line up appropriately. Further, the generative and collaborative approach we are taking means that we require all participants to be in for the duration of the series.

If you believe that this approach is not appropriate for your needs, please contact us directly.

what do you mean by 'sustainable'?

We subscribe to the idea that for a venture to be sustainable it needs to be triple-bottom-line. In essence, this means it holds itself accountable to a combination of environmental, social and financial measures. Wellness businesses have a tendency to do well on the environmental and social, and not so well on the financial. To make your venture truly sustainable you need to be profitable (even if you push this profit back into furthering your activities, which earned-income non-profits do).



entry interview

support in determining your own specific outcomes



develop a clear, actionable, values-aligned vision for your business


market research

understanding the needs of your clients and the offers of your competitors 

WEEKS 3 - 5


determine the optimal path to market, mapping resources, strategic partnerships 

WEEKS 6 - 7

brand review

define brand attributes, review materials, develop a clear message 


web & social media

utilising the social web to build your community and voice | websites, blogging and social networks


business process

how to setup effective processes within your business to ensure it works for you, and not vice versa


open frame 

general discussion amongst participants; developing a supportive post-project network; finalise any outstanding business and questions 


exit interview 

support understanding of your own individual next steps


$98 a week over twelve weeks or
$980 if paid before commencing

commencement date

April 13